Bank Robber Caught After Taking Off in a Taxi

Sometimes the work of law enforcement officers is hard and dangerous; other times it is incredibly easy thanks to the incompetence of the perpetrators. Here are a few examples that fall into the stupid criminal category.

  • First we have a guilty plea from a man who admitted robbing a bank and fleeing the scene of the crime in a taxi. Willie Chestnut Jr. of Newark, New Jersey, allegedly knocked off New York Community Bank in Newark by “intimidating a teller and another bank employee who attempted to intercede.” He started off by saying he wanted to make a withdrawal. The teller gave him a withdrawal slip. He said he preferred cash. He got his money, jumped in a cab and was arrested soon after wearing the same clothes and with the withdrawal slip and stolen money in his pocket.
  • Then there is 50-year-old William Cassidy, who drew up a scheme to make money by operating a private nationwide prisoner transportation business. The only problem is that Cassidy himself was on felony probation, which prohibited him from being around other felons, visiting jails, carrying a weapon or leaving Kentucky. During the transportation of female prisoners, Cassidy allegedly left the prisoners unrestrained, supplied them with drugs and alcohol, and had sex with the women in his vehicle and in hotel rooms.
  • Finally we have Ronald Galati, the 63-year-old owner of a Philadelphia auto repair shop. Galati was convicted of hiring two men to kill his daughter’s boyfriend, of whom he did not approve, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. But not before Galati shot his mouth off and told everyone who cared to listen that he would kill the man myself, strangle him, poke his eyes out, and stab him in the forehead with a pointed object. Galati then hired two men to do the job for $20,000. The pair shot the victim and then got promptly arrested as they fled the scene. It didn’t take cops long to work their way back to Galati.

Some outlaws are smarter than others. But the intelligent ones are few and far between. Most criminals are dopes like the three geniuses mentioned above.

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