Bank Robbers Drag an Employee by Her Hair

Robbing a bank is a risky proposition under any circumstances, but if you are serious about making a clean getaway it might be best to stick to a standard “take the money and run” approach and forget about any extracurricular activities.

A couple of guys who are charged with sticking up a Bank of America branch in Overland Park, Kansas, apparently watched too many old movies and got a bit carried away while holding five bank employees and a customer at gunpoint.

They also are accused of grabbing one of the bank employees and pulling her by the hair and scarf to the teller station. She was struck in the face three times with a handgun. Also, one of them allegedly struck a customer so hard her glasses flew off and she was knocked to the floor. For good measure, one of the robbers struck a male bank employee with such force that his head started bleeding.

The accused are two men in their 50s. They were arrested while fleeing with the cash they took. The charges are bank robbery and a weapons offense.

In other banking activity:

  • A 28-year-old man from Rock Island, Illinois, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for pulling two armed bank robberies. A jury convicted Deangelo Dixon in March 2014 for violent armed robberies in Viola, Illinois, and Sherrard, Illinois. Based on Dixon’s two prior robbery convictions in Illinois courts, Dixon was deemed a recidivist violent offender as defined in the federal 3-Strikes law and earned life imprisonment.
  • A former bank employee has pleaded guilty to embezzling from a bank in Grant County, Kansas. In her plea, Hattie Wiginton, 33, Ulysses, Kansas, admitted she stole from Western State Bank in Ulysses while she worked there from 2008 to 2010. She helped two co-defendants steal $84,200 from the bank by making false deposits into bank accounts they opened. The shortage was covered by misrepresenting the balance in the bank’s vault. Wiginton also took part in a staged bank robbery and pretended to be a victim. The purpose of the robbery was to cover up the cash shortage in the vault.

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