Bitter Divorce Has Man Looking for Revenge

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows how messy it can get. Bruised egos, feelings of betrayal, property disputes and lawyers make for an explosive brew.

Many people going through divorce are tempted to take drastic action sometimes involving threats or acts of violence against spouses, backdoor lovers and attorneys.

It’s better to keep your cool and avoid doing anything that can get you in trouble. This advice was not heeded by a Louisiana man who took matters a step too far in dealing with his former wife.

Entered a guilty plea

The 55-year-old ex-husband has already been to court and has pleaded guilty to a crime that has not been on the books all that long: telecommunication harassment.

What he did was use telephone masking technology to harass his ex-wife. It wasn’t just one call either. He made hundreds of such calls over a period of more than two years.

The spoofing service allowed him to make the calls anonymously. He was able to make the calls appear to be coming from numbers not his own, and he could disguise his voice. Offensive language was used routinely.

12 calls in one day

During the peak of this prolonged telephone harassment binge, the husband made 12 calls in one day to his ex.

Despite his efforts to avoid detection, the husband got busted. He had already been slapped with a protective order before the calls started. It’s a wonder it took so long to catch him.

The guy faces a possible sentence of two years in prison plus a hefty fine. Was it worth it? Did he get any satisfaction at all from tormenting his former spouse?

It’s hard to know what drives a man to do such things and how doing them makes him feel. Fortunately, no one died in this case and both the husband and wife have time to get their lives back on track and leave their problems behind.

Let’s hope that the disgruntled husband uses his jail time to realize the error of his ways and contemplate a productive life after he has served his time. He might even want to forget about his former wife and their life together and look for another partner he can build a new life with.

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