Breitbart’s Death Put Rumor Mill in High Gear

When conservative mover and shaker turned media mogul Andrew Breitbart slumped to the sidewalk as he was walking home from a bar and died on March 1, 2012, of what was described as a heart attack, the response was predictable.

Only a few hours before, the 43-year-old firebrand had disclosed that he was preparing to release a blockbuster video the next day that contained “damning footage” of President Obama during his college days.

“My gut is telling me they killed Andrew Breitbart,” the outspoken host of The Alex Jones Show told his audience the next day. Other conspiracy theorists around the country were already speculating that the political and media agitator was poisoned.

Pushed to the limit

The official coroner’s report indicated that Breitbart, whose sudden and unexpected death caused all the fuss, had died of a heart attack while walking home after sharing a few drinks with friends. The big, bearded man was a husband and father of two, but he was known as a hard-charger who pushed himself to his physical limit while going after left-wing organizations like ACORN and liberal politicians caught in various missteps.

Breitbart played an important role in publicizing the sexual shenanigans of Anthony Weiner and taking down the once-powerful New York congressman who resigned after becoming entangled in a scandal over lewd photos he took of himself and shared.

Events surrounding Breitbart’s suspicious death soon turned even darker when stories began circulating on the Web and elsewhere that a technician with the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office who may have been involved with the autopsy had also died mysteriously. Sixty-one-year-old Michael Cormier became suddenly ill at his home in North Hollywood and was rushed to a hospital, where he died. Neighbors said he was so violently ill that they could hear him vomiting.

Possible poisoning

Local newspaper and television reports quickly began making the rounds, quoting the coroner’s office and the Los Angeles Police Department as saying there were questions about the possibility Cormier may have ingested poison. Arsenic was prominently named. Official sources later revealed that Cormier, a coroner’s technician, was not involved with Breitbart’s autopsy.

And what about the shocking blockbuster video Breitbart promised to release about the president? It had been shown earlier on YouTube and on PBS.

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