Convicted Felons and Guns Don’t Mix

Taking target practice and keeping your shooting skills sharp are good ideas – unless of course you are a convicted felon.

A man in the Midwest recently forgot the cautionary part of the above paragraph and got busted for possessing a firearm at a shooting range.

Life has become so much more complicated since digital photography, social media and selfies became the rage. A few short years ago, the felon probably would have done some target shooting with his buddies and walked away scot free.

Posting on social media

Not today. You never know who might be nearby taking videos with a cell phone and posting online with Instagram or some similar platform.

Your name could come up in a casual tagging process and be out there for anyone to see, including your parole officer. He probably enjoys sitting at a computer and running a search on the convicted felons in his case file.

In the shooting case, the penalty for the crime committed can be severe – up to 10 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine.

There were options available to the shooter. He could have gone way out in the country and shot off some rounds in a desolate area devoid of human beings. Or he could have plugged away at a coffee can swinging from a rope in someone’s basement.

Better yet, go to a distant gun shop/firing range far from home where no one knows you and no one cares. That would cut down the chances of someone taking your picture and putting it online with your name included.

Shooting out the picture tube

Then there is the Elvis Presley solution to the public shooting problem. That involves sitting in a reclining chair in front of the television set and shooting out the picture tube when something comes on the screen that does not meet with your approval.

The same strategy is just as effective with an 85-inch flat-screen TV from Best Buy as it was with Elvis’ black-and-white console set.

There are many things the target-shooting felon could have done to avoid the serious hot water he’s in. But one thing that never changes must always be guarded against: Your best friend calling the cops after you get drunk and brag about what you did.

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