It’s a Crime! Seven-Footer Not Hard to Find

A seven-foot man has been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for robbing a bank in Franklin County, Kansas.

Caleb Jeffcoat, 26, of Quenemo, Kansas, pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery. He admitted that on March 19, 2014, he robbed the Goppert State Service Bank in Pomona, Kansas. During the robbery, he wore a black ninja mask belonging to a codefendant’s son, and he carried a BB gun modified to make it look more like a real gun.

Investigators used surveillance photos and other information to identify Jeffcoat. He was arrested two days after the robbery.

Snitches do get hurt

A 15-year-old girl in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, was strung up in a tree and a friend clubbed her to death with a stone for threatening to reveal plans by a group of teens to run away to Florida, police said. “Snitches get hurt,” the friend told the victim, according to witnesses. The girl’s body was found by hikers.

Seven people were charged in the slaying, including the victim’s 24-year-old cousin. Two received life sentences, the cousin got 5-20 years in prison, three got juvenile detention, and charges against one were dropped.

Burglar picks the wrong house

In Pensacola, Florida, a burglar armed with a paint scraper broke into the house of two elderly sisters and ordered them to give him $50 or die.

Martha Dixon, 80, told him she was going to get the money. Instead, she returned with a machete and told the crook that he was the one who was going to get killed.

Nobody was cut or killed, but Dixon and her sister, Emma Smith, 73, pummeled the would-be robber and pulled off his stocking mask. Stunned, he crawled out the back door as they kicked him. Police later arrested their next door neighbor Clarence C. Little, 27.

Their only food was beer

Two boys who hopped a freight train in Ohio and got locked in a boxcar when the doors slammed shut say they survived for more than a week by drinking the cargo – stale beer from mostly empty bottles being returned to a brewery.

“I didn’t drink that much, just a little something to get my mouth wet,” said one of the boys, a 15-year-old. He lost about 20 pounds for the week.

He and his 12-year-old friend said they jumped aboard a slow-moving train to escape a beating from a group of thugs chasing them. Authorities were suspicious of that story and suspect they were running away from home.

The boys were freed when brewery workers heard them pounding on the boxcar walls. They were taken to a hospital where they were treated and released.

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