DNA Lab Using New Forensic Collection Tool

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA — DNA Labs International has become the first lab on the U.S.  East Coast to offer an advanced forensic DNA collection service that helps investigators to solve more crimes.

The new collection method, a wet-vacuum based sampling device called the M-Vac System, is more scalable and sensitive in collecting DNA material from evidence compared to traditional sampling methods such as swabbing and cutting. This is critical in scenarios where the amount of DNA is minimal or the exact biological deposit location is unknown.

“The M-Vac System has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in a variety of tough criminal cases,” said Jared Bradley, president of M-Vac Systems. “We are excited to partner with DNA Labs International as a forward-thinking forensic lab in recognizing how this new capability increases their ability to serve their customers.”

The M-Vac System enhances DNA Labs’ ability to collect material from porous surfaces such as clothing or other fabrics and rough surfaces like concrete, brick and rock. Recently, Wasatch County, Utah, law enforcement used the M-Vac System to collect a suspect’s DNA profile from a rock, which helped bring an arrest in an 18-year-old cold case homicide. The traditional method of swabbing was used unsuccessfully before the M-Vac was deployed.

DNA Labs International has opportunities similar to the Utah case to use this breakthrough forensic technology.

“We strive to be a leader in the forensic laboratory service industry, and adopting the M-Vac System is a natural step in maintaining that leadership,” said Allison Nunes, chief operating officer of DNA Labs International. “We have already had several of our key customers request that casework be done using this new technique. We are proud to be able to offer cutting edge technology like M-Vac.”

DNA Labs International is a private, full service forensic DNA lab based in Deerfield Beach, Florida. www.dnalabsinternational.com. 954-426-5163.

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