Drug Rips Make Dealing Dangerous

In case you have forgotten this fundamental truth, let me remind you now: The drug trade is a dangerous business.

To illustrate this I call your attention to a case involving a street gang leader from Virginia. The gang banger saw some easy money there for the taking in the pockets of low-level marijuana dealers.

What he had in mind is known as a “drug rip.” You arrange a time and place for a drug transaction, but instead of making a buy, the purchaser robs the dealer of his dope and any other valuables he may have, including jewelry, identification, automobile and keys.

Dealer’s home address

After one such drug rip, the Virginia gang boss and his cohorts located the home where the victim was living thanks to the identification documents they took from him.

The gang members entered the house with handguns drawn and zip-ties in their pockets. They proceeded to tie up and blindfold three people, the dealer and two innocent bystanders, then ransacked the house in search of drugs, valuables and weapons.

When they finished that task, they brutally interrogated the victims about the location of additional drugs and valuables. The interrogation techniques included physical and sexual assault.

Similar drug rips

There have been many other drug rips pulled that were similar to the one described above.

No honor among thieves? That doesn’t even begin to describe the way these gang bangers operated. They had no honor, no conscience, no morality, no decency.

Fortunately, their reign of terror was cut short. Law enforcement was quick to make arrests and prosecute the perpetrators. The gang leader pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The use of firearms in the rip-offs brought about the stiff sentence.

Let this case be a lesson to anyone thinking about going into the drug business. It is a cesspool of violence and treachery. You can trust no one, especially those close to you. The easy money turns friends and even relatives into bitter enemies.

It is far better to get an education and make an honest living. You may not become rich, but at least you can hope to keep your freedom and some day die of natural causes rather than from a bullet.

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