Ex-Con Accused of Supervised Release Crimes

You know you’re in too deep when the prison sentences you earn keep getting longer and longer. Here are a couple of examples of perps who should seriously consider giving up the crime life and going straight, if they can still walk and talk when they get out of prison. If they get out.

First off, we have a previously convicted bank robber, recently living in Brockton, Massachusetts, who is charged with robbing five banks and attempting to rob a sixth.

James Patterson, 46, was already on supervised release for a 2001 bank robbery conviction. He was sentenced to 151 months in prison plus supervised release for that one.

The new indictment alleges that in April-July 2014, Patterson robbed two banks in Beverly, one in Somerville, one in Stoughton, and one in Salem, all in Massachusetts. Court filings allege that on each occasion the robber wore sunglasses and gloves and covered his lower face with a bandana. After entering each bank, Patterson allegedly announced a robbery, told those present to put their hands up, and demanded large bills.

In August 2014, federal agents, who were conducting physical surveillance on Patterson, arrested him as he approached and tried to rob a Century Bank in Burlington.

If convicted he could go away for 20 years plus additional time for committing crimes on supervised release.


10 Years for Making Off With Business Deposits

Then there is the Albuquerque, New Mexico, man who just drew a 10-year sentence for an ATM robbery spree in the summer of 2013.

Kelvin L. Dickerson, 36, got the heavy time for robbing businesses engaged in interstate commerce. In other words, he stuck up employees of companies that do business in more than one state.

Dickerson and his co-defendant, Dominique Dickens, 29, also of Albuquerque, were arrested in December 2013. According to the indictment, in the summer of that year the pair accosted people making deposits at ATMs.

The victims were employed by One Main Financial, Loan Max Title Loans, Church’s Chicken, National Insurance, Sonic and Radio Shack.

Dickerson pleaded guilty. Dickens admitted aiding and abetting Dickerson in robbing the victims by driving him to the vicinity of the ATMs and then driving him away from the crime scenes on three occasions.

Sometimes you don’t realize the severity of what you have done until it is too late.

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