Female Gang Member Caught Up in a Lie

Mother knew best when she told you not to lie. Stretching the truth can get a person in trouble. Just ask Chason Renee Chase, also known as “Lady Jamaica” and “Lady J,” age 24, of Columbia, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Lady J got a sentence of three months in the slammer followed by three years of supervised release for making false statements to FBI agents during a kidnapping investigation. She had no previous criminal record.

Evidence shows that in April 2014, agents with the Columbia Violent Gang Task Force heard that Chase was affiliated with individuals, including North Carolina prisoner and gang member Kelvin Melton, involved in the kidnapping of a North Carolina state prosecutor’s father. When she was approached by agents in Columbia and advised of the kidnapping investigation, Chase denied knowing Melton, stated that she did not recognize a photo of Melton, denied recognizing Melton’s phone number, denied communicating with any gang members since last year, and denied communicating with Melton.

Agents confirmed through phone records that Melton and Chase had been in contact. In fact, after Chase was arrested and during questioning, Chase’s cellular phones showed that Melton was calling her from his jail cell in North Carolina. The investigation confirmed and Chase later admitted that she was a member of the Bloods gang and that she kept their membership records and handled dues payments.

The kidnapping victim was rescued in Atlanta shortly after.

In court Chase made a request for a probation sentence. That was denied by the judge, who cited the serious nature of the kidnapping investigation during which Chase told her lies.


7-Eleven Armed Robbers Sentenced to 20 Years

Bryant Smith and his partner in crime John Robinson robbed eight 7-Eleven stores in Baltimore, Maryland, before their luck ran out. Smith, 26, was just sentenced to 20 years in prison, closing the book on their long-running string of heists. Robinson, 34, was sentenced earlier, in August 2014, and also got 20 years on the same charges.

In each of the eight robberies, Robinson wore a mask and pointed a loaded gun at a store employee, demanding money. Robinson or Smith, who was also masked, would take merchandise as well as cash, such as cigarettes and lottery scratch-off tickets. In some instances, one of the bandits would order the store employee to lie on the floor.

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