How Do Animal Rights People Justify Crime?

I can’t help but wonder about the behavior of some animal rights activists. Two of them, both California residents, were recently arrested in connection with a cross-country vandalism binge.

The pair, a man and a woman, targeted homes, vehicles, stores and farms linked to the meat and fur businesses.

They are accused of doing more than $100,000 worth of damage during their 40,000-mile trek across several states.

Food and clothing

One of the things I wonder about is how they justify breaking the law to further their goals, which I assume include the elimination of killing animals for food and clothing.

I sympathize to some extent, especially the part about slaughtering innocent animals for fur that mostly serves the inflated egos of wealthy consumers.

Meat, however, is a different story. Many people consider meat an essential component of the food chain and a necessity to sustain life. Should animals raised for the purpose of feeding the human race be kept and killed in a humane manner? Of course. No disagreement there.

Do these activists stop to consider that if everyone took the law into their own hands and turned to vandalism, destruction and worse over every lifestyle disagreement, anarchy would result and no one would be safe from human predators?

I like animals as much as the next person. Dogs and cats are cute and provide needed companionship. Do I think they should be closed up in big city apartments? Not really. A fish aquarium or a bird in a cage might work better in those circumstances.

I have no quarrel with people keeping pets in the proper environment. A fenced-in yard or an open area out in the country is best.

Dietary restrictions

Also, how do the activists feel about fish? Is it OK with them to catch and eat seafood? If not, do they condone attacks on fisheries and canneries and fish markets? I hope not. I can live without meat, but for me a vegan diet is too restrictive. I eat and enjoy fish, eggs and cheese.

In this matter, I take as my guide the Bible, where it says that man has dominion over the animals. To me that covers eating meet, having pets and using four-legged critters for transportation and labor.

If anyone has a different opinion, and I would hope many people do, I prefer that they make their beliefs known in a peaceful and lawful manner.

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