Huge dog fighting ring broken up in Alabama

Do you sometimes wonder what’s happening in the always fascinating world of crime? Here are some current examples of what’s going on as we head into the 2014 holiday season.

  • Eight people have received prison sentences of varying lengths resulting from the second largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history. The Alabama dog operation involved high-stakes gambling, large quantities of drugs and numerous weapons. The dogs were made to fight and if they lost they were killed. The judge in the case estimated that up to 640 animals were killed or injured. Hundreds of dogs were seized and then placed with various rescue groups across the country to be made available for adoption.
  • Two men who worked as armored truck drivers in Los Angeles, California, were arrested for stealing more than $1 million, part of a cash shipment being hauled for Bank of America. Cesar Yanez, 37, and Aldo Esquivel Vega, 28, were taken into custody along with an accomplice, Jovita Medina Guzman. The Loomis drivers allegedly stopped the truck in a parking lot on their appointed rounds and stashed the money in a garbage can, which was later retrieved. The charges include bank larceny.
  • Four Florida men received prison sentences for their participation in a cargo theft ring. The members sold items acquired through thefts from tractor trailers. Those items included Liquid Crystal Display vehicle monitors, Invicta wrist watches, Ralph Lauren clothing products, Procter & Gamble goods and Nestle brand products. One heist involved a load of Nestle merchandise valued at more than $350,000 that was diverted en route from Georgia to a Wal-Mart store in Winter Haven, Florida.
  • A store clerk in Topeka, Kansas, has been indicted for facilitating an armed robbery and carjacking at his place of employment. Ahmad Salim Salti, 20, Topeka, is charged with enabling Patrick J. Towner, 24, who is accused of the September 2014 armed robbery of a technician who was working on the ATM in the Low Cost Plus convenience store. Towner allegedly forced the technician to give him the keys to a Ford Freestar van containing cash used for restocking ATMs. Towner then fled with the van.

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