Las Vegas Man: 40 Years for Sex Trafficking

Since at least 2005, the man known as 2 Much has been a pimp making money from prostituting women and girls in various cities and states.

By 2012, 2 Much was regularly prostituting victims in northern Virginia. Law enforcement has found 17 women and girls who were prostituted by him in recent years. Two of the victims were less than 18 years old, and one was only 15.

When recruiting women and girls to work as prostitutes for him, 2 Much often would fail to mention that he would take all or nearly all of the money that these women would earn from prostitution.

That would be one of many false promises 2 Much made to women and girls.

Became addicted to drugs

He usually provided drugs to the women and girls he prostituted, and some of the women and girls prostituted by 2 Much were or became addicted to drugs.

He ordered the women and girls he prostituted to call him “daddy.” Some of the women prostituted by 2 Much were tattooed with his moniker. He sometimes isolated the women and girls he prostituted from their families and from each other in order to prevent them from leaving captivity.

2 Much found sex customers for the prostitutes he made work for him by posting advertisements on Internet sites such as,,, and Thousands of customers called the listed telephone numbers to arrange meetings for the purpose of performing commercial sex acts with the women and girls prostituted by 2 Much.

The pimp set a monetary quota that the victims he prostituted were required to meet each day. For example, in some places, 2 Much required the women and girls to earn $1,000 a day from prostitution and provide him with the proceeds.

Continued business from jail

When 2 Much was incarcerated, he continued to run his prostitution business from jail.

Around June 2014, two minor victims encountered 2 Much at a hotel around Sacramento, California, where they were prostituting. Both were runaways from foster care. 2 Much gave them marijuana and eventually recruited them to work for him. 2 Much prostituted them in California, Utah, and Virginia.

Federal law enforcement officers as well as the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia eventually caught up with 2 Much.

Lenny Paul Haskins, 34, of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Richmond, California, pleaded guilty to the charges against him in January 2015.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, followed by a life term of supervised release, for sex trafficking of a child. The court also ordered Haskins to pay $538,250 in restitution to the victims and to forfeit $738,250 to the United States.

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