Leader of Vegas Street Gang Gets 23 Years

Everyone has heard of the Bloods, a national criminal street gang whose members engage in drug trafficking and acts of violence. Not as well known are the Playboy Bloods, a local “set” or affiliate of the national Bloods gang that operates in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

The Playboy Bloods can be found primarily in the Sherman Gardens Annex, a Las Vegas public housing complex commonly called the “Jets.”

A high-ranking member of the Playboy Bloods, Markette Tillman, 31, participated in the murder of a security guard at the Jets. The guard had approached Tillman and several other Playboy Bloods and told them to leave the property. An argument followed and the guard rode away on his bicycle to get help. One of the Playboy Bloods fired a gun at the guard, hitting him twice and killing him.

Crack cocaine distribution

Tillman and the other members of the Playboy Bloods also manufactured and distributed narcotics, mostly crack cocaine, and they also operated drug houses within the Playboy Bloods’ territory. Tillman himself admitted to distributing in excess of 280 grams of crack cocaine while dealing dope.

After his arrest, Tillman initially wanted to take his chances in court. That plan quickly unraveled. Two days into his trial, Tillman pleaded guilty and started talking. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

10 members sentenced to prison

Tillman was the last of 10 gang members charged in the indictment to be sentenced.

The nine other convicted gang members and the sentences they received are:

Jacorey Taylor, aka “Mo-B,” 31, was sentenced to life in prison. Steven Booth, aka “Stevie-P,” 27, was sentenced to 20 years. Reginald Dunlap, aka “Bowlie,” 30, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Demichael Burks, aka “Mikey P,” 29, got 6½ years behind bars. Anthony Mabry, aka “Akim Slim,” 43, was given a 14-year sentence. Delvin Ward, aka “D-Luv,” 37, was sentenced to 11 years. Terrence Thomas, aka “Seven,” 40, is going away for 10 years. Sebastian Wigg, aka “Rock,” 36, got five years. Fred Nix, aka “June P,” 36, got five years.

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