Let’s Hope Jenner’s Journey is a Healthy One

Olympic hero Bruce Jenner, now called Caitlyn Jenner, has been in the news recently with his gender transition from male to female.

Fine and dandy, that’s his business, not mine. As far as I know, his makeover is only cosmetic so far, with skin-deep changes to clothing, hair and makeup. If Jenner decides to take it to the next level, I hope he is very careful about it.

I’m quite sure he would be because he has the resources to hire professionals to do surgery in a safe setting, if that is indeed what he wants.

Physical enhancement possibilities

Not everyone is as fortunate as Jenner, who has the financial capabilities to play it safe as he works his way through the dizzying possibilities available in the field of physical transformation.

One unfortunate individual recently had a brush with disaster when he was about to take an injection of liquid silicone in his backside from a woman acting outside the parameters of the law.

I have heard of this being done to women who wanted a larger butt and were apparently under the impression that such a procedure would improve their social lives. I didn’t know that men were also interested in this sort of thing.

In their defense, I would be the last person to deny someone the right to have shapely buttocks. We all have a desire to be popular, attractive and desirable. However, be aware that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Dangerous and without approval

In the Texas case mentioned above, the woman who was administering the liquid silicone injections fraudulently told her clients that the injections were safe when in fact she has admitted knowing that they are dangerous and not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

This woman may be one of the more scrupulous butt shapers. There have been other instances in various parts of the country where people have been injected in assembly line fashion at events called pumper parties.

Attention is not always given to the substance being injected. Liquid silicone is the least of it. For money, a pump operator will tell you whatever you want to hear and then inject your body with model airplane glue or 40-weight motor oil.

If it is your desire to change your appearance or even your sex, God bless, but please act in a manner that is lawful and healthy.

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