Man Arrested for Internet Threat to Kill Cops

Google came to the rescue in December 2014 when it contacted authorities in San Francisco, California, and reported a comment made in connection to a YouTube video.

The comment was posted by someone with the user name “Vets Hunting Cops.” The subject was killing current and retired police officers. A preliminary investigation learned that the posting came from an IP address in Colorado.

The investigation then shifted to Colorado. Investigators there determined that the IP address was assigned to Century Link and involved a specific address in Colorado Springs. Surveillance of residents at that address was put in place.

Next a search warrant was served at the address in question. Then an arrest was made. Jeremiah M. Perez, 33, of Colorado Springs was taken into custody without incident. An examination of his computer confirmed that the posting in question, along with other postings, came from his device.

Perez is being held in custody pending court hearings. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison and not more than a $250,000 fine for transmitting a threat.


Airport Baggage Worker Charged with Gun Running

Law enforcement officials in New York discovered during a gun trafficking investigation last year that an unidentified individual was helping move guns illegally from Georgia into New York. The New York Police Department identified and arrested the northern part of the connection, but there was still no answer as to how the weapons were smuggled into Gotham.

It wasn’t a huge operation. The 2014 shipments totaled 129 firearms, some of them loaded.

Attention turned to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Air Lines was brought into the investigation and cooperated fully, officials said.

The investigation focused on airline employees who were not required to go through the same security screenings as those performed by the Transportation Security Administration on passengers.

Then came an arrest. Eugene Harvey, 31, an airport baggage handler, was charged with trafficking in firearms and entering the secure areas of Hartsfield-Jackson in violation of security procedures. The complaint alleges that Harvey evaded security with bags of firearms then passed the guns to an accomplice who brought them as carry-on luggage to New York, where they were illegally sold.

Harvey has been released on bond.

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