Murder Was Part of Bank Fraud Cover-up

He had a lucrative and long-running scheme to defraud banks in the New York area.

As a first step he got a bank job. Then he used his knowledge of banking practices to create counterfeit checks. He recruited others to deposit those checks in his account and the accounts of accomplices.

He and his associates then attempted to withdraw the money from those accounts before the banks discovered that the checks were counterfeit.

The ringleader found jobs and executed the scam at six different banks.

One of the people he recruited to make deposits was Nicole Thompson. In July 2010 she was arrested by New York City police for her role in the scam. She decided to cooperate with authorities almost immediately.

When the criminal mastermind heard about Thompson’s arrest and cooperation with police, he realized that his illegal enterprise was in jeopardy. So he paid someone to murder Thompson and dispose of the body out of state.

Thompson’s body, wrapped in garbage bags and duct taped, was found in a dumpster in Landover, Maryland. Thompson was 24 years old at the time of her murder.

In early 2015, Naquan Reyes pleaded guilty in Brooklyn, New York, to murdering Nicole Thompson to prevent her from communicating with law enforcement officials who were investigating the bank swindle. Reyes, 29, also pleaded guilty to bank fraud conspiracy.


Fraud Charged in $2 Million Life Insurance Payout

A 50-year-old woman has been charged with cheating Mutual of Omaha out of a $2 million life insurance payment by claiming her ex-husband had died.

Her 25-year-old son also is facing charges for participating in the fraud.

According to court documents, in April 2010, Igor Vorotinov bought a life insurance policy on his own life from Mutual of Omaha, and listed Irina Vorotinov and Alkon Vorotinov as the beneficiaries. In October 2011, police in the country of Moldova received a report of a dead body near a village in central Moldova. Papers found on the corpse, including a passport, hotel cards, and contact phone numbers, identified the man as Igor Vorotinov.

According to the criminal complaint, Irina went to Moldova to identify the body, which she did in the presence of an official from the U.S. Embassy. At her request, the body was cremated in Odessa, Ukraine. Irina then returned to Minnesota and filed a claim with Mutual of Omaha. She was paid $2,048,414.09 via check mailed to Irina’s house in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Irina and Alkon Vorotinov deposited the check in a bank account and transferred more than $1.5 million to accounts in Switzerland and Moldova.

In 2013 Alkon was stopped by Customs and Border Protection in Detroit, Michigan, as he returned from a trip to Moldova. A computer seized by Customs agents contained digital photographs of Igor Vorotinov taken in April and May 2013, in which Igor is alive.


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