New Mexico Prison Official Admits Sex Assaults

Bill Cosby should take note of this case. A former captain at the McKinley Adult Detention Center in Gallup, New Mexico, has admitted engaging in unwanted sexual contact with women in his custody and then lying about it when questioned.

No doubt 70-year-old John Greene feels much better about himself after getting it off his chest. Cosby would too. It’s never too late for a septuagenarian to confess, suffer the punishment and get on with his life.

Greene had regular contact with female inmates at McKinley when he accompanied them to court hearings, transported them to other facilities and brought them to his office. He committed unwanted sex acts with three women in 2008-09.

According to the plea deal, Greene will be sentenced to five years of probation and will forfeit his law enforcement certification. He will be required to comply with sex offender registration guidelines.

In other prison developments:

  • Two inmates at the U.S. Penitentiary in Hazelton, West Virginia, got additional time tacked on for assaulting a fellow inmate and a correctional officer. John David Pinke, 36, and Edward C. Crow, 44, were each given an extra 275 months behind bars and ordered to pay $281,548.47 in restitution for assaulting a fellow inmate. The victim suffered cuts from razor blades, broken bones and cognitive impairment. Crow also got 240 months for assaulting a correctional officer. He stabbed the officer with a spear through the food slot in his cell door. His sentences will run consecutively.
  • An inmate and a visitor were sentenced for passing contraband at the Allenwood prison in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. Catherine Maione, 29, of New Hampton, New York, got one year probation and a $350 fine for providing marijuana-filled balloons to inmate Anthony Webb, 28. Webb picked up an additional six months in prison for possessing the weed. About seven deliveries were made before authorities caught on.
  • An inmate at the penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, Erick Roman, 38, is charged with assaulting a correctional officer in August 2014. Roman is serving a 60-year sentence from the District of Maryland for racketeering. He could get eight more years and a fine if convicted.

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