Pa. Couple Charged in eBay Auction Swindle

“Let the buyer beware” was good advice when it was first uttered thousands of years ago, and it is still something to think about today, especially if you are doing your shopping online.

Charges were recently filed against a couple from Wyncote, Pennsylvania, Kareem Cameron, a/k/a “Shareef Ali,” 49, and Alecia Susan Brown, 38, who are accused of running a scam on eBay, the Internet auction website.

Cameron allegedly offered for sale luxury items such as BMW cars and Rolex watches under various user names and aliases. The problem appears to be that Cameron did not own and had no intention of delivering the goods he offered for sale. If he did actually have merchandise to sell, it was nowhere near the condition he described in his listings.

According to the indictment, Cameron told buyers to send a payment by wire transfer to his bank account or to the account of co-defendant Brown. Shortly after making payment, the buyer/victim realized things were not quite right. Victims were out a total of approximately $186,000.

If convicted of all charges, the defendants each face a maximum possible sentence of 125 years in prison.


Electronic Gadgets Used on Casino Slot Machines

In another play for easy money, four individuals from a faraway land are accused of using electronic devices to cheat slot machines at casinos in the United States.

The four are Russian nationals who allegedly planned to work their racket in at least 10 casinos in Missouri, California and Illinois. The electronic gizmos they had were used to predict the behavior of a certain make and model of slot machine game known as the Aristocrat Mark VI Electronic Gaming Device.

By communicating with a foreign server, the gadgets allowed the defendants to predict the behavior of the Mark VI games and obtain winnings from the games that far exceeded what would be expected from fair play. The defendants made several trips from Russia to the United States to carry out their scheme, using the devices to cheat casinos in St. Louis, Missouri; Temecula, California; and East St. Louis, Illinois, among others.

Murat Bliev, 36; Yevgeniy Nazarov, 38; Igor Lavrenov, 28; and Ivan Gudalov, 32, face five years in prison on each count of the indictment.

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