Pot Smuggler Smashes Border Patrol Vehicle

On March 14, 2014, Border Patrol agents watched with interest as a man drove his pickup truck to the Rio Grande River in Texas.

There it was loaded with 34 large bundles that appeared to be marijuana. The man then got in his truck and drove north at a high rate of speed. A Border Patrol agent tried to intercept the man when he pulled onto a road and came to a stop.

The driver of the pickup chose not to surrender and instead accelerated his truck and rammed the agent’s vehicle head-on. The agent, fearing for his life, discharged his service weapon. At that time, the defendant gave it up and was taken into custody.

An investigation was launched by the Border Patrol, the Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies. The bundles in the pickup were tested and were determined to indeed be marijuana.

Issac Medina, 29, of Rio Grande City, Texas, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 135 months in prison. His sentence was enhanced for using his motor vehicle as a deadly weapon, use of violence and creating a substantial risk of serious bodily injury to the agent.

Leader of Cocaine Trafficking Organization Pleads Guilty

There were five of them in the group, working together to move large quantities of cocaine in Central Ohio.

Law enforcement authorities were closing in on them, especially the man thought to be the leader who was using a home in Columbus and his residence in Canal Winchester, Ohio, to store narcotics and conduct cocaine transactions.

During a search warrant conducted at the home of WiliamTotten, 52, in December 2013, investigators found 10 plastic wrapped packages, each containing two kilograms of cocaine powder, concealed in the basement. Additional cocaine and kilogram-size wrappers with residue were also seized.

Totten was arrested and has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and money laundering, admitting he was responsible for the distribution of more than five kilograms of cocaine in Central Ohio. He agreed to forfeit the proceeds of the drug activity, which include cash, jewelry and real property.

His four cohorts were also charged and have pleaded guilty. One of them, Andre Broom, 47, of Columbus, was sentenced to 36 months in prison. The others are awaiting sentencing.

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