Prison Plot: Key Witness Threatened From Jail

Nicholas Stanishia wasn’t happy at all when his former girlfriend began dating another man. In fact, anger burned inside him like a blazing inferno.

His rage reached a crescendo in 1997 and Stanishia murdered the ex-girlfriend and shot her boyfriend, who lived to testify against Stanishia, now serving a life sentence at the Southeastern Correctional Institution in Lancaster, Ohio.

Prison life didn’t sit well with Stanishia either. He wanted out. How could he accomplish that? By forcing the man who saw him murder a woman and then testified against him at a 2001 trial to recant his testimony.

Perfect candidate

To put his witness threat plan in motion, Stanishia needed an accomplice on the outside. He had the perfect candidate in Marcia Weber. The two had met years before when Weber was practicing clinical psychology at a local prison where Stanishia was serving time on unrelated charges.

At first, they had an above-board doctor-patient relationship. Around 2006, however, after years of keeping in touch, Weber professed her love for him and became part of the scheme they hoped would free him.

Weber didn’t work at the institution where Stanishia was confined. Still, she visited him once a month and wrote regularly, signing some letters, “Your loving wife.” She even sent him naked pictures of herself. Hundreds of telephone calls were made.

Private investigator

They apparently hired a private investigator to find out where the murder witness and his wife lived and worked. They also collected information about the couple and their children. Then they allegedly hired a man to place a gasoline can on the porch of the witness’ family home in Pennsylvania.

According to court papers, a fellow inmate helped smuggle a cell phone into the prison. Stanishia called the witness and asked if he had received the “message.” Stanishia claimed to be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and suggested that the witness sign a statement recanting his original testimony, or else. He told the man the Aryan Brotherhood could easily reach him and his family.

The frightened witness called the cops and the scheme unraveled. In October 2014, Stanishia and Weber plus three accomplices were indicted and charged with threatening a witness. Weber is being held without bond. Trial is coming up.

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