Robber Had a Habit of Ripping Off Food Stores

A robber in the Rochester, New York, area is nothing if not consistent. He liked to target Tops Marketplace stores, and stayed with that method of operation until he was caught and convicted.

Derek Stanin, 21, hit three Tops Marketplaces before his supermarket spree was brought to a halt. He was sentenced to 51 months in prison and required to pay $7,656 in restitution.

How did he get caught? Stanin made it easy for everyone involved. When he was robbing the Tops store in Greece, New York, store clerks mixed marked bills and a GPS tracker in with the loot handed over to Stanin. The tracking device allowed law enforcement officers to quickly locate the suspect, who was found hiding in the backseat of a car.

Inside the vehicle, cops recovered a large sum of cash, the GPS tracker and the clothes Stanin was wearing at the time of the robbery.

It didn’t take long for investigators to tie Stanin to the two other grocery store robberies, both in 2013. One was in Rochester and the other in Leroy, New York.


Homicide Fugitive Eluded Capture for 13 Years


While the robber mentioned above was consistent, the investigators who took 15 years to apprehend a homicide fugitive could be considered persistent.

The Safe Streets Task Force in Wilmington, Delaware, finally caught up with Ignacio Constantino on September 17, 2014, at an apartment complex in Wilmington. Contantino was wanted for a 2001 homicide in Morristown, Tennessee.

Informants provided a tip that Constantino was living under an assumed name, Victor Castillo, since 2002. He was arrested without incident.

The Safe Streets Task Force, which includes law enforcement officials from several federal, city and county agencies, investigates violent crime and gang violence in the Wilmington metro area.

“This arrest is a demonstration of the effectiveness of law enforcement working together throughout our country,” stated Morristown, Tennessee, Police Chief Roger Overholt. “It is important to our community that Constantino faces the charges brought against him in this violent crime. The Morristown Police Department wants to thank all of the agencies and officers involved in this arrest.”

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