Robber’s Tattoo Made it Easy for the Cops

You could overlook a mistake or two if they were the only ones he made, but that wasn’t the case. Not even close. The young bank robber screwed up so many things it is difficult to keep track.

First off, the Massachusetts man, just 21 years old, robbed four banks in two weeks. To get away with that kind of crime spree is a tall order for anyone. An experienced thief would have a problem doing that. A fuzzy cheeked kid drawing that kind of attention is asking to get caught.

As if that weren’t enough, he made it even easier on authorities looking to track him down. The robber, who made off with a total of almost $50,000 in the heists, had some unusual tattoos on his arms, which were fully exposed during the robberies and captured on surveillance video.

Wait, there’s more. In the middle of his crime spree, the youthful crook took to social media and posted a series of selfie photographs showing him clad in the same clothes he wore during the robberies and with his identifying arm tattoos clearly visible.

He made it so easy for the cops that he was apprehended in no time at all. Then he did everyone yet another favor by pleading guilty to four counts of bank robbery.

He hasn’t been sentenced yet. At the rate he’s going, he will probably ask the judge to throw sentencing guidelines and maximum allowable penalties out the window and sentence him to forever and a day behind bars.

It was almost as if the kid was trying to go easy on police and prosecutors. He is an obvious people pleaser. He did, however, overlook some opportunities to make nice with authority figures in the Bay State. He could also have:

  • Left a trail of breadcrumbs from the banks he robbed to his home. This would have saved investigators the trouble of doing actual police work and matching him to his unusual tattoos. It would also have spared officers the trouble of booting up their computers and reading his social media postings.
  • If he ever gets out of prison, something to keep in mind for next time: Use of a nametag pinned to the shirt would allow tellers to address him by his first name while he is waving a gun in their faces and demanding cash.
  • Finally, in an effort to be as compliant and friendly as possible while in prison, the robber should send a note to the chef expressing how much he enjoys the cuisine in the prison mess hall.

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