He Shot, Wounded 2 Law Enforcement Officers

In the summer of 2014, a Bureau of Land Management Ranger stopped a man after he saw him driving his vehicle down a trail near the South Yuba River campground in Nevada County, California.

After advising the driver that he could not drive on the trail, the BLM Ranger allowed him to leave without issuing a citation. After the motorist departed, the Ranger traveled up the trail and discovered a campsite in a small clearing.

Located within the campsite, among other items, were two motorcycles, one of which had been reported stolen. The other had expired registration tags. The Ranger decided to impound both motorcycles, and subsequently contacted the California Highway Patrol to request their assistance.

Reached for his handcuffs

A short time later, a Highway Patrol officer arrived at the site to assist the BLM Ranger. While both officers were working in the campsite, the suspect emerged from the brush surrounding the campsite and said he was coming to get his things. The Ranger asked if he was armed, and when the man replied that he was, the Ranger reached for his handcuffs.

The suspect said he would not allow the BLM Ranger to put the handcuffs on him. He then drew a Taurus .44 caliber hand gun from the right side of his waist, pointed the weapon at the BLM Ranger and fired multiple rounds.

One round struck the Ranger in the left shoulder. In response to the shooting, both the Ranger and the Highway Patrol officer returned fire. The suspect turned the weapon upon the highway patrolman and fired multiple rounds. One of the bullets struck the CHP officer in the right leg. The suspect was struck several times by return fire.

Survived their wounds

After expending his ammunition and being shot multiple times, the suspect told the officers he was giving up. The two officers handcuffed him, called for assistance, and then rendered medical aid to the suspect while waiting for emergency services to arrive. The suspect, the BLM Ranger, and the CHP officer received medical attention and all survived their wounds.

After a three-day trial, a jury found Brent Douglas Cole, 61, a resident of Nevada County, guilty of various assault and weapons offenses. Cole is scheduled to be sentenced in May 2015. He faces the possibility of decades in prison and a fine of up to $750,000.

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