Some Cooks Do Food, Other Cooks Make PCP

People are becoming more aware than previous generations have been about the health risks and benefits of the food they eat.

For that reason there are a multitude of diets available to the concerned eater. Some of them are the Paleo diet, vegetarianism, vegan cuisine, low carbohydrate food, raw food and the South Beach diet.

In addition, ethnic delicacies including those of Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian origin are all the rage. And don’t forget French food, which never goes out of style despite the heavy sauces.

Rewarding and prestigious

Because of the intense and sometimes tedious interest in consumables, working as a cook can be a rewarding and prestigious way to make a living. People such as Rachael Ray and Jacques Pepin are widely admired as highly competent individuals who have reached the pinnacle of success working in a kitchen.

Not all cooks, however, are that fortunate. Take for example the Los Angeles cook whose specialty was preparing PCP for consumption by dopers all over the map. He has not been blessed with a cable television program or a lucrative contract to write cook books.

No, he’s going to prison for a long time. He will be an old man when he gets out. If he gets out.

Apparently PCP, which is short for phencyclidine, comes in liquid form. The West Coast cook dealt in gallon quantities of the stuff and sometimes packaged it in paint cans. He would sell big amounts to distributors that would divide up the batch and sell to their customers.

Major East Coast distributor

In one huge deal, the West Coast cook sold 70 gallons of PCP to a major East Coast distributor for almost $800,000. That was the last big score before the roof caved in.

Police found his lab out in the California desert. In it were enough chemicals to make at least another 70 gallons of PCP.

The cook ran off into the night as police approached, but he didn’t get far, and he won’t be going anywhere soon. His most recent bust follows five previous felony drug convictions in California.

Some of the smaller fish who worked down the line in the PCP trade were also caught.

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