Thieves Used Tracker to Follow Jeweler’s Car

We recently took a look at how technology savvy robbers are using sophisticated methods to gain access to the cash inside automatic teller machines and sidestep the danger of pulling a stickup inside a bank.

Jewelry thieves aren’t far behind when it comes to devising and executing sophisticated plans to steal something of value.

A recent East Coast caper included an intelligence gathering phase that involved the placement of a tracking device on the car of a jewelry store employee to learn his driving routine.

An SUV with police lights

When the robbery crew felt comfortable enough to proceed with the plan, they outfitted a rented SUV with police lights and a loudspeaker, pulled over the jeweler amid flashing lights, drew their guns and grabbed the keys to the store.

The masked robbers tied up the jeweler, threw him in the trunk and drove to a remote location, where they seriously interrogated him until he told them the store’s burglar alarm code.

They drove back to the store in the jeweler’s car, posted lookouts and entered the business, stealing gems worth about half a million dollars.

The jewelry, stones and watches were fenced off for about $130,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, the gang took the time to dispose of the vehicles, weapons, clothing and anything else used in the heist that could possibly tie them to the crime.

Facing heavy charges

A perfect crime? Hardly. Despite some updated methods and a great deal of caution used by the robbery crew, six members of the gang were apprehended and face heavy charges that include carjacking and kidnapping.

In this and in similar cases, even though the thieves do their homework and invest time, money and effort in the execution of a plan, law enforcement has been able to keep pace with some advanced capabilities of its own.

And sometimes the human factor is too much to overcome. There were six members of the crew that participated in the robbery, a sizable number of crooks expected to keep their mouths shut and remain loyal to the group.

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