Three Sentenced for Virginia Bank Robbery

You would think that bank robbers would take the time to plan their great adventure down to the smallest detail instead of just showing up at the bank, pulling a gun and demanding money. The preparation doesn’t happen in most cases.

Take for example the August 2, 2013, robbery of Carter Bank and Trust in Ararat, Virginia, by Devin Montae Robinson, 23; Jamel Clifton Allen, 37; and Whitney Nicole Ceasar, 20. The trio just picked up federal prison sentences for their trouble.

According to evidence revealed in hearings, it went down like this: Allen and Robinson drove to the bank in the morning armed with handguns. Robinson entered the bank with a mask on his face, threatened an employee, waved his gun around and made off with $7,370.

Meanwhile, Allen was waiting in a car outside the bank. When the two drove away, bystanders who saw the robbery gave chase in their own car, took pictures of the robbers’ vehicle and jotted down the license plate number. Robinson fired at least two shots from his handgun back toward the witnesses’ car at which point the pursuers gave up the chase. But they did call 911.

Robinson and Allen then met Ceasar, Robinson’s girlfriend at the time, at a predetermined spot and changed cars. Ceasar was now driving and didn’t stop until they were in North Carolina.

Thanks to information received from eyewitnesses, law enforcement officials were able to locate the vehicles used in the robbery and eventually arrest the suspects.

Moral of the story: Without a plan you don’t stand a chance. Oh, and try not to call attention to yourself when trying to get away after robbing a bank.

In other banking business:

  • The armed man who robbed the Consumers Credit Union in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in April 2013 was sentenced to almost a decade in prison and has been ordered to pay $18,605 in restitution. Dennis Love, 60, of South Bend, Indiana, was also charged with the robbery of three other financial institutions in 2013.
  • On the morning of November 7, 2013, David A. Parker, 53, tried to hold up the TD Bank in Burlington, Vermont. That afternoon he robbed the Peoples United Bank in South Burlington. He was arrested by South Burlington police minutes after the robbery and most of the stolen money was recovered. Parker pleaded guilty and got a 63-month sentence. His lawyer said Parker is troubled by mental illness.

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