Traveler Threatens to Blow Up Miami Airport

Traveling is something most people would love to do in their spare time to broaden their horizons, learn about various cultures or bond with a loved one. Business traveling is an essential part of the world’s economy. That being said, danger for travelers lurks everywhere, including in airports and on cruise ships, as the following two examples illustrate.

In the first case, which happened late last year, a man from Pennsylvania was traveling with his stepfather from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia, with a connecting flight in Miami, Florida.

No weapons found

As the 23-year-old man was walking through concourse E in Miami, he shouted, “I’m going to blow this place up.”

Alarmed people nearby who heard the threat summoned law enforcement. Officers searched the man   and did not find any firearms, explosive devices or other materials that could be used to carry out the threat. For that reason, his declaration was deemed to be a false threat.

Disrespected by children

When questioned, Joseph Reyes Rivera told officers that he started yelling at some children who were “disrespecting” him. Rivera indicated that a woman he did not know approached him and told him to leave the children alone. Rivera said he felt disrespected and yelled, “I’m going to blow this place up.”

He pleaded guilty to making false threats to blow up Miami International Airport.

  • In the other case, a cruise ship employee is accused of engaging in abusive sexual contact with a female passenger sleeping in her room on the ship. The 25-year-old was responsible for restocking the mini bars in passengers’ rooms. For that reason he had a key to the rooms. In December 2014, he allegedly entered a room when he was not authorized or permitted to do so. The sleeping passenger awoke to find the man, who is from Mauritius, touching her genitalia. She pushed him off her and tried to leave the room. He held her back and threatened to set the cruise ship on fire if she told anyone. Karan Seechurn was detained on arrival in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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