Using Canine Cops to Curb School Violence

Recent problems with violence in schools have leaders in the education field and law enforcement looking for ways to make the learning environment a safe one.

Among the ideas that are being discussed are metal detectors, a bigger police presence, and screening procedures that could identify troubled students with an inclination toward violence.

One practical step that can make U.S. schools more peaceful is to get our four-legged friends involved.

Police departments and the military have had positive experiences with dogs, and that leads me to believe that schools could benefit from a canine presence as well.

Harmony and understanding

Not only would the dogs protect students from predators in their midst, they would also go a long way toward establishing an atmosphere in the classrooms and hallways that discourages violence and hostility and promotes harmony and understanding.

The school dogs would need gentler training specifically for the school environment. You wouldn’t want the class clown getting his butt chewed for goofing off in the corridor between classes.

Canines in the education world are needed in the areas of deterrence, sniffing out contraband, and putting the bite on violent offenders.

How exactly would a dog prevent school shootings, you ask? Its mere presence could do the trick. A would-be shooter might think twice about opening fire if he knew that a dog would be all over him in a matter of seconds.

Intercepting a weapon

That is if he got a weapon past the puppy in the first place. Dogs can be taught to detect firearms, so it could be possible to intercept a weapon at the door or locate one that made it past the initial screening.

The downside to having a human police resource officer patrolling school corridors is the danger that relatively harmless incidents that should be handled as an education matter might escalate into a case that lands in the criminal justice system.

That being said, human resource officers are worth their weight in gold. But not only would a police dog eating a diet of Alpo be cheaper than a human officer, they could also be more productive when it comes to the safety of our children.

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