Violent Gang Gaining Notoriety in Midwest

Here’s one gang you may have never heard of: the Native Mob, an organization that originated in Minneapolis in the 1990s and operates mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Members number around 200 and are recruited from areas with large Native American populations.

They have been in the news recently because a former Native Mob leader, Wakinyon Wakan McArthur, was sentenced to 43 years in prison. Two others received sentences of 35 years and 24 years behind bars.

It came out during their trial that the Native Mob is involved in drug trafficking, assault, robbery, and violent crime including murder. Members wear red and black clothing and have gang-related tattoos.

It would be wise to avoid coming in contact with these guys.

In other gang developments:

  • A member of the Black P-Stones in Newport News, Virginia, Enrique Omar Hinton, was convicted of gang-related activities and was given a sentence of 255 months in prison. He participated in a shooting that targeted a rival gang member, trafficked marijuana and testified falsely to a federal grand jury. The rival who was targeted showed disrespect toward the girlfriend of a Black P-Stones member. Hinton joined the gang in 2005 as a foot soldier.
  • The leader of the Oxnard, California-based Colonia Chiques street gang was convicted of several criminal charges. Luis Manuel Tapia, also an associate of the Mexican Mafia prison gang, was found guilty of 26 federal charges. He was personally involved in the sale of firearms and narcotics, and in secretly recorded meetings he described himself as the “CEO” of his enterprise and compared it to Walmart. One $200,000 drug transaction in 2011 involved approximately 10 pounds of nearly pure methamphetamine.
  • MS-13 gang member Adalberto Ariel Guzman will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a mother and her two-year-old child. The victims were 19-year-old Vanessa Argueta and her son Diego Torres in Central Islip, New York. Guzman and other MS-13 members plotted to kill Argueta because they believed she had disrespected the gang. MS-13 is a violent international street gang consisting mostly of immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras.

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