Woman Charged in Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Talk about sibling rivalry. One woman may have taken that age-old conflict a step too far. The Houston, Missouri, resident has been charged with attempting to hire someone to murder her sister.

Leta Faye Douglas allegedly asked her ex-husband to help her get someone to kill her sister for $2,000. According to a court affidavit, Douglas sent a letter asking for help to her ex-husband in Nebraska. They have been divorced for 18 years, the affidavit says, and have not maintained contact.

The ex-husband called Douglas, the affidavit says, and during their telephone conversation, she told him she needed him to help her “take care of” her sister. According to the affidavit, Douglas’ parents were in a home for the elderly and her sister was in charge of their finances.

Dispute over family finances

Douglas claimed her sister did not handle their parents’ finances correctly, the affidavit says, but her ex-husband believed that Douglas wanted to have access to her parents’ assets. Douglas told her ex-husband that she wanted her sister killed.

The former husband initially told her that he did not want any part of it. He believed she was serious, the affidavit says, so he reported the incident to the Nebraska State Patrol. Investigators then recorded a telephone call made to Douglas by her ex-husband in January 2015.

During the telephone conversation, the affidavit says, he told her that he knew someone who would murder her sister. They allegedly agreed that Douglas would pay $2,000 after she received her tax refund to have her sister killed.

Hasn’t seen his daughter

On February 2, 2015, Douglas allegedly called her ex-husband and told him she really wanted the murder done. Douglas allegedly told him that if he helped her, she would let him see his daughter whom he has not had contact with for several years.

He told Douglas to send him a picture of her sister and a map to her house, which she did.

On February 6, 2015, an undercover employee of the Missouri State Highway Patrol called Douglas and they arranged to meet at a Walmart store. Douglas allegedly met with the undercover employee a few days later, and they had a conversation while sitting in her vehicle.

According to the affidavit, she gave the undercover officer a photograph of her sister and a hand-drawn map to her sister’s residence. She told him how to find her sister’s house and gave him a brief description of the interior layout of the house. Douglas also told him that her sister’s husband would also be home and that they had two dogs inside the house. Douglas allegedly handed him an envelope containing $2,000.

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